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If you would prefer to print out your patient information form and return it to AMP Pharmacy, you can download this form in PDF format (Adobe Reader required):

Patient Information Form.pdf

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Weekly Medset Delivery Program

If you are on our weekly medset delivery program, your medset will arrive about the same time on the same day of the week.

Doctor's Authorization & Ordering Medications

If you are taking medications out of a prescription vial, then you will need to call us when the medication is getting low so that we can contact the doctor for refill authorization and/or to order the medication.

Anticipate Your Needs

If the weekend is approaching (especially a holiday weekend), it is important that you anticipate your need and check your supply of medication, insulin, syringes, etc. so that you don't run out.

Our customers LOVE our free prescription delivery!

"Spend an hour loading the kids in the car, driving across town and waiting in line, or call AMP for free prescription was a pretty easy choice for me. Thanks AMP!"

- Mary G., local customer

To become an AMP Pharmacy customer and start receiving prescription deliveries, simply fill out the following form and press the submit button at the bottom!  Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) next to it.

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